Al Stark 26 November 2018

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Al Stark


Operating outside of conventional art institutions, Al Stark’s artistic practice ranges from folk architecture, spatial design, film, wall painting, drawing, and gypsy tattooing… We could go on. His canvas to date has included numerous public and private walls, a 60 meter lift shaft, intricately made masks, paper, leather, wood and bodies. His work forms a personal universe that explores gender, politics, religion and an exploration of the human psyche through text, the figurative and a heavy dose of abstract symbolism.

Al has been central figure in the progression of the Melbourne street art movement since its inception in the late 90s, his work, more recently forming abstract narratives in massive colour and symbolism that speaks to all people. It is work that serves as a spiritual offering and transcendence, addressing fundamental questions of what it means to be human and our relationship to nature.

Currently maintaining an exhibition and commission based practice, Al has an extensive list of collectors and clients including numerous works in the National Gallery of Australia.