Locust Jones 16 September 2018

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Locust Jones


Locust Jones has a Bachelor and Master of Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts and has exhibited extensively in Australia, New Zealand and internationally for the past decade.  He has undertaken artist-in-residence programs in Beirut; Seoul, as an Asialink award recipient; and Hill End.

“There is a consistency to the work of Locust Jones that has a distinctly modernist ring to it. He’s an artist who operates around the idea of a signature style. Take for instance his chosen mode of image making, the drawn line. The lines that have been extending themselves out across the surface of his drawings for many years now have remained stubbornly clumsy. Even after all this time they retain a signature rawness. As someone who’s long admired his work I’ve often wondered at this; been curious about the pains he’s taken to preserve this rudimentary look. It’s as if one part of his identity as an artist has been forged by the scrupulous suppression of technical virtuosity; a deliberate blocking off of the skills that surreptitiously attach themselves to actions we perform on a daily basis. Because Locust is someone who has been making lines on an almost daily basis for many years.” Justine Trendall