All Eyes On Us

All Eyes On Us - Commonwealth Star, QLD

Location: Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland

Client: City of Gold Coast, Commonwealth Games Australia

Collaborators: Creative Road (Artist Management), Stuart Green (Artist)

This project was completed in early 2018 in time for the opening of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, being held at various locations on the Gold Coast. Working closely with Creative Road, Landsite provided technical advice and oversaw the installation of the sculpture in situ.

This piece was chosen as a key visual representation of the Commonwealth Games which would also tie into the identity of the event through providing photo opportunities for the public to disseminate via social media.

The construction drawings were done by the Artist. Landsite reviewed these to ensure all the relevant statutory requirements,  including building permits, were completed as required. Importantly, the structural design documentation was reviewed by Landsite to establish the “buildability” of the piece.

Originally, All Eyes on Us was to be a temporary installation but Council has now voted to retain the piece in its current location in perpetuity. This legacy of the XXI Commonwealth Games has now become an iconic symbol of the Gold Coast.