Creswick of The Lindsays - Lindsay Art Trail

Creswick of  The Lindsays, VIC

Lindsay Arts Trail


Location: Creswick, Victoria

Client:  Hepburn Shire Council

Collaborators:  Artscape (Creative Road ), Armsign

Creswick, located 122km north west of Melbourne was established during the Victorian gold rush of the 1850’s, which during it’s peak, was home to 25,000 residents.

“Creswick of the Lindsays” (Lindsay Arts Trail) provides the town of Creswick with a unique and authentic cultural tourism opportunity which no other place in Australia can replicate. The Lindsay family, born in Creswick in the 1800’s and 1900’s produced more artists than any other family in our history. The five artists - Percy, Lionel, Norman, Ruby and Daryl - all played a role in shaping the cultural landscape of Australia.

The design of the Lindsay Art Trail brought together public art, signage and landscape interventions to create a well conceived and engaging walking or cycling route over 24 sites around Creswick, that celebrate the colourful history of the Lindsay family. It weaves through 7.6 kms of the town, and includes the Creswick cemetery where seven members of the family lie.

Landsite provided significant landscape opportunity with the creation of an integrated and whole trail experience (in addition to the individual sites) providing character, visual cues, way finding and an overall framework for the trail experience.