Katandra Rise

Katandra Rise - VIC

 Doreen, North of Melbourne VIC

Client:  Five Squared Property Group

Collaborators:  Henryk Topolnicki (Artist) ULS UDL and Bitu-Mill (Landscape Contractors)

Katandra Rise, with 600 residential allotments,  lies directly along the northern most border of the Urban Growth Boundary of Melbourne, located in the City of Whittlesea. Landsite has been involved with this site since 2003.

Katandra Rise contains areas of Aboriginal Cultural sensitivity and there is a registered artefacts site of the Wurundjeri Willum People.

Landsite have undertaken the Landscape Master Plan, the streetscape planning, detailed design, documentation and implementation for Katandra Rise.

There are a number of different streetscapes, some smaller link parks and public artwork installations within Katandra Rise, including sculptures that represent the River Redgum trees.

As the site is located in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, the topography includes significant rise and falls within the landscape, meaning that the high points of the estate include views of the Melbourne CBD skyline, some 30km away.

The design for the hilltop park incorporates a recycled timber playground, picnic area, and localised scalloping to provide flatter areas within the park, without changing the topography too invasively. Landsite also designed a dedicated dog park and pedestrian ramp as part of the public open spaces contained within Katandra Rise.