Mullumbimby Streetscape Upgrade

Mullumbimby Streetscape Upgrade - NSW

  Mullumbimby, NSW

Client:  Byron Shire Council

Collaborators:  Hansen Partnership, OSKA Consulting Group

Nestled in a lush, sub-tropical, rural setting against the dramatic backdrop of the Great Dividing Range, the historic town of Mullumbimby proudly proclaims itself to be the “Biggest Little Town in Australia”.

Byron Shire Council secured a budget for the transformation of Mullumbimby’s main thoroughfare, Stuart Street, into a “Green
Spine” and further improvements to surrounding intersecting streets, all guided by the “Our Mullumbimby” Town Master Plan. The regular grid layout of streets within the town centre lends itself to a highly connected and walkable streetscape network catering to the needs of locals accessing daily services as well as visitors and workers.

Together with Hansen Partnership, Landsite created the concept design to encapsulate The ‘Green Spine’ vision - the creation of a leafy, green boulevard on Stuart Street, Mullumbimby that runs from Heritage Park and the Brunswick River, through the town centre, to the Mullumbimby Recreation Grounds and Community Gardens.

Landsite and Hansen Partnership facilitated important community consultation events, outlining the concept design and highlighted the underpinning factors informing the design choices, which included:

▪Prioritising People: To recognise people as key street users. Street design should maximise opportunities to improve pedestrian amenity and safety.
▪Maximising vibrancy: To encourage activities to spill out onto the street from nearby buildings. Create opportunities for visible street activities.
▪Minimising conflict: Between the varying modes of transport, a higher priority given to pedestrians and cyclists without compromising the functional role of streets to support existing and future uses.