New Bloom Estate

New Bloom Estate, VIC


Location: Clyde North, Victoria

Client:  Five Squared Property Group

Collaborators:  Creative Road (Artist Management), Matthew Harding (Artist) Mike Jansz Landscape Consultants (Landscape Contractor)

We have continued the theme of  our Bloom Estate project in the creation of New Bloom Estate.

A larger 600 residential allotment estate, Landsite designed the streetscape plantings and entryway.

As a part of the entry experience, we again worked with Creative Road and Matthew Harding and developed a series of sculptures which has a statement entry sculpture, and also includes a smaller grouping of sculptures that will be installed throughout the main open space area.

We also have three quarters of a hectare of open space, related to the North Clyde  Precinct Structure Plan we also have very large wetland complex which our client has 10-15% ownership of, so we designed this section, but ensured it tied into the overall masterplan of the wetland complex.

Landsite were responsible for the Master Plan for elements across the whole estate, and this also included a neighbourhood park that extended across our client’s landholding, into the adjacent developers land. We provided the masterplan for this whole parkland, providing the design outcome to the landscape architects of the other developer.

There were a range of unique challenges faced during this project. Sadly, Matthew Harding passed away before his artworks were realised. We worked closely with Creative Road, Matthew’s engineer and a former colleague to ensure his artworks were produced as he would have intended. Matthew Harding’s vision for the entryway sculpture has been realised. On completion of the public artwork installation, the project was handed over to the City of Casey and became part of their Cultural Collection and is now in ownership of the people.