Whiterock Estate

Whiterock Estate -  QLD

Location:  Ripley Valley, QLD

Client:  Intrapac Properties

Collaborators:  Roberts Day (Urban Design) Eureka Landscape (Landscape contractor) Knoble Engineers


Whiterock Estate is a residential housing project covering 360 hectares in the Ripley Valley. 55% of the site will have new housing and the remaining area will be devoted to bushland conservation. The project site abuts the Whiterock Conservation Park. This extensive site will include 2300 home sites to be built over 10-12 years of development.

Whiterock’s bespoke entryway, from the adjacent Centenary Highway includes a roundabout and interchange that leads to the two kilometer long road to the development through existing forest.

While over half of the site is devoted to bushland conservation, a further 15% of the housing development area will be used for public open space including formalised playspaces, parks and recreational facilities.

There are multiple parks and drainage corridors with connecting linear parks, producing a fabric of open space connections. There are a number of sport fields and pavilions, interconnected with pedestrian boulevards that also lead to walking trails.

The Landsite concept plan of the neighbourhood center will include a major, full-sized supermarket, together with other retail stores, restaurants, bars, childcare and medical facilities and appropriate vehicle access and parking.

Landsite’s landscape management plan includes a 5-10 year weed eradication and rehabilitation plan of the bushland conservation areas, which includes trail heads, mountain bike pathways and hiking trails connecting to various lookout points. This conservation area will eventually be handed over to Council to become part of the broader Whiterock Conservation Park.